The Jajaman team simply loves trees. After all, our backpack simply wouldn’t be on anyone’s back or pack a single thing without them.

The cork our backpack is made from literally grows on trees, and because we want to make sure we give back as much as we take from the natural environment, we’ve teamed up with Trees For The Future at to plant millions of trees to help families affected by poverty in Africa.

Not just any old trees, of course. And not cork trees. Their successful Forest Garden program is helping families plant fast-growing fruit and hardwood trees as well as food crops, so they can all become more self-sufficient, which is a great idea.

But finding the people and resources to plant trees across Africa isn’t something that grows on trees. That’s why we've chosen to plant 10 trees for each backpack sold. 

So now when you purchase the backpack, you’ll be positively changing the lives of African families and transforming their landscape into a nature-rich one teeming with trees.