An Off The Wall Love Story

Our founder Netta met the love of her life at a fabric show in Paris. Good looking and strong. Portuguese too. Soft and cool to the touch.

Hold on, though. Don’t get carried away. We're not talking about the craftsman at the fabric show selling textiles. Oh, no. Netta fell in love with one of the textiles he showed her. Something with all the attributes above. Plus it was luxurious, durable and vegan.

Fabric Magic

Netta fell in love with and took home a square swatch of cork, yes, cork. It might not sound life-changing to you but for me… She knew something good was going to happen. And just like you might put up a poster of your favourite singer or actor on your wall, this swatch got pride of place wall space. It was the start of her love story. Netta looked at it, dreamily, knowing that one day… one day…

Netta is not sure what day that one day was, a Wednesday maybe? Anyway, it was one day last year when she took that cork swatch off the wall. She needed it for this idea she’d come up with. Something that combined beauty with utility.

Jajamän. A natural cork backpack bag.

This Nordic backpack idea gave Netta a chance to prove that cork was not only beautiful, but beautifully strong. An alluring alternative to the cruelty of leather backpacks and the eco-dangers of plastic ones that people were pulling over their shoulders all over the world. She wanted to give them a sleek and functional alternative.

That simple square of cork was the catalyst for the creation of Jajamän, a Swedish backpack brand that’s all about connecting people: consumers with the bag’s creator (like through this text), manufacturer with artist, founder with fabric, and lovely square swatches of cork with walls.

Netta's love story with cork continues, as she works to find other ways to use this wonderful natural material. And you can be the first to know by following us on our Instagram.

We hope to see you there, but in the meantime why not see if you can spot other people using cork backpacks. If you do, maybe nod your head in appreciation and call out Jajamän!