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Designer this, designer that. Usually when you hear the term designer, it means something exclusive and probably expensive. Something for the few, not the many. We’d like to give all that a miss, thank you very much. Being natives of the North, we're all about designer inclusives.

Design is everywhere and for everyone in the Nordic countries, not the privileged few. It’s used to make everyday life easier and more fun in a minimalist way. Of course, it’s an approach that’s influenced the design of Jajaman, our fashionable and functional backpacks.

The early days creating fun things on the family Alvar Aalto plywood and birch kitchen are to blame for sparking our founder Netta's interest in design. An interest which would eventually lead to cork swatches appearing on walls (see Our Story for an explanation of that one) and Jajamän Scandinavian and Nordic backpacks being slung over shoulders all over the world.


Nordic design inspires creation of backpack


These pictures of Netta as a child with Fiskars scissors, baking buns and wearing a Marimekko nightgown show that getting Jajaman backpacks made didn’t happen overnight. It was a lifetime in the making.

Like most people from the Nordic region, we're drawn to objects designed with a specific purpose. Objects that are designed to solve a specific problem.

That’s certainly true of Jajaman. We had the material – cork, we just didn’t know what to do with it until we realised there was a problem with backpacks for every day use. Most were made of leather (cruel) or plastic (bad for the environment). But making them from cork would mean people could connect with the world carrying their stuff in a bag that didn’t damage the world.

We're delighted that the Jajaman backpack connects you to so many things: nature - through its natural materials, the world - through helping you explore your surroundings, and with each other – just pack your bag and head off out on an adventure. Go on, off you go. OK, finish your lunch first.