10 Eco-friendly Fashion Brands to Help You Shop More Responsibly

With the growing awareness of the human impact on the earth and its environment, as well as the truth behind the textile industry, more and more people are trying to act more consciously. That being said, it can be quite overwhelming and tough to know how to act more consciously and responsibly. However, there are fashion brands that now offer options for consumers to help us be more responsible in our fashion consumption. Most people want to do good, but struggle and perhaps don’t want to change their lifestyles and daily habits too drastically. These brands make it easier for us to make better choices.

By choosing and shopping smarter, people can limit their individual impacts on the environment. That’s why we have compiled a list of brands that offer more responsible choices to make it even easier! This list is a collection of brands that are proudly ethical, sustainable, ecological and/or transparent in what they do. Keep in mind though that these are just a few of the brands out there, and the numbers are growing fast, as the fight for slow fashion instead of fast fashion persists.



Ecosphere is a Stockholm-based company that offers women’s, men’s and kid’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Basically, everything is collected in one convenient place for you to do your shopping more responsibly. They really want to help out the average conscious consumer by choosing only products of high quality which have been produced in environmentally-friendly and ethical ways.


Veja are great at making sneakers for women, men and kids. Not only are they versatile and accommodate everyone including celebs like Eddie Redmayne and celeb babies like Knox Jolie-Pitt their shoes are made from ecological and sustainable materials such as upcycled materials like plastic bottles and recycled cotton, making parts of their collection completely vegan. They even have a pair made into roller skates! Pretty cool, huh?


A brand that believes ‘sustainable fashion’ isn’t just a movement or a trend, but a new standard for them, is Woron. They produce vegan underwear and swimwear that not only prioritise feelings of comfort, but also sensuality. They do many timeless pieces and even have been promoted by sustainable fashion supporter Emma Watson!

Swedish Hasbeens

Better shoes for a better world! Swedish Hasbeens’ classic clogs and wooden shoes have been brought back using natural materials and sustainable production techniques, in order to ensure that no harm is done to people or nature. To ensure the highest of quality, all the shoes are made by artisans in the traditional way making each shoe a piece of art!


Interested in architecture, art, landscapes, culture and craftsmanship? So is Gosia Piatek (founder of Kowtow). Influences which you can see in their aesthetics include a focus on minimalism and comfort. Their entire collections are made from sustainably and ethically sourced materials.

Gather & See

Similar to Ecosphere, the UK equivalent Gather and See selects and represents a combination of brands that fall under their philosophies. Through these guys you can find collections that are either fair trade, organic, of small-scale production or eco-friendly – or all of the above! Part of their collection of responsible brands includes some of those already mentioned, plus many more!


Originating from Copenhagen, Fonnesbech re-launched themselves to join the fight for ‘slow fashion’ and sustainable fashion. This innovative fashion brand creates high-quality pieces designed to remain stylish over several seasons. Their vision is to create long-lasting designs are forever relevant, that way you never have to be “out of style” or “so last season” ever again!

Barbara I Gongini

If the typical Scandinavian minimalistic style isn’t your cup of tea, then perhaps international Avant-Garde fashion design is. In that case, Barbara I Gongini is a Nordic brand with a specific process to create garments suitable for both women and men. Their concept also is based on longevity and multi-functionality. On top of that, they only work with suppliers who respect the EU legislation standards and Oeko-Tex® approved materials to avoid harmful substances to human health and the environment.


JohannaN specialises in hand-made jewelry. What stood out to us – apart from the lovely pieces that they offer – is the options of repair, rent and reuse they offer. By having long life guarantees on their pieces, allowing people to rent pieces and to donate/buy second-hand jewelry, they demonstrate the willingness to help make it easier for shoppers to become more responsible and conscious, whilst looking fabulous.

Nudie Jeans co.

A lot of brands seem to use 100% organic cotton and sustainable materials, recycle, and also have transparency in their production process. But what puts Nudie Jeans on this condensed list? Well, the fact that they truly believe in prolonging the lifespan of the products and offer free repairs for all of their jeans. Even if you don’t have a repair shop nearby, you can order a repair kit online, free of charge. Repairing is Caring!

Do you have any suggestion for other brands that fit into the list? Feel free to comment below! Happy (responsible) shopping!

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