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Jajamän 🧡 Trees

We simply love trees, and that's why we plant 10 trees for each backpack sold. Not just any old trees, of course. And not cork trees. We are helping families in Africa plant fast-growing fruit and hardwood trees as well as food crops, so they can all become more self-sufficient. 

Please head over to our Indiegogo campaign site and make a 5 dollar donation if you can, and let’s plant some trees. 

Plant some trees

The key difference between Jajamän backpacks and your current backpack is that Jajamän is made from cork. Cork is a sustainable, durable, natural material that grows on trees. It’s cruelty-free, unlike leather, and totally natural and biodegradable, unlike the fabric and other materials most other backpacks are made of. 

The Jajamän Backpack

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If we could sum up Jajamän in a couple of lines it would go something like this:


Actually, it would go exactly like that!

Jajamän cork backpacks are stylish and timeless. A Nordic design made in Portugal for the quiet revolutionaries who want to change things and go about their daily lives with style and ethics.