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5 Key Features in the Scandinavian Approach to Design | Blog Journal by Jajamän

12 Nov, 2018

5 Key Features in the Scandinavian Approach to Design

With the mania for hygge these past few years, chances are you have heard about Scandinavian design; an aesthetic movement widely known for its minimalist and functional values that has influenced not only contemporary interiors, but also a particular way of life across the world. So, what is the philosophy all about?
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What you need to know about greenwashing | Jajamän Blog

04 Nov, 2018

About Greenwashing and How You Can Avoid It

With the growing demand for sustainable practices in recent years, many companies have adopted green marketing strategies to boost their brand image and appeal to new customers. The question is, how can we distinguish companies that truly dedicate themselves to protecting the planet from those that incorporate green campaigns to garner more profits?

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9 Things you need to know about Cork  | Blog Journal by Jajamän

15 Aug, 2018

9 Things You Need to Know About Cork

As problems arise, humans have a tendency to seek out better solutions as well as change. This can usually lead to innovation and progress. One wonderful, innovative solution for the very unsustainable and highly polluting world of fashion, is the use of cork (yes, the same stuff stopped into your wine bottles) as a leather or faux leather alternative!

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7 Eco-Innovations for a Sustainable Fashion Industry | Blog Journal by Jajamän

01 Aug, 2018

7 Eco-Innovations for a Sustainable Fashion Industry

Did you know that the textile industry is one of the dirtiest and most polluting in the world? It may be difficult to understand why, when that cute dress you bought just the other week was so pretty. As with many industries today, environmental sustainability has become a big priority which has led to new innovations: more eco-friendly innovations.

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