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Now available!

Thanks to your pledges on Kickstarter, we will now be able to begin producing our planet-friendly cork backpacks.

After being fully funded, the Jajamän cork backpack is now available for pre-booking through Indiegogo for a limited time at a 35% discount. 

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The key difference between Jajamän backpacks and your current backpack is that Jajamän is made from cork. Cork is a sustainable, durable, natural material that grows on trees. It’s cruelty-free, unlike leather, and totally natural and biodegradable, unlike the fabric and other materials most other backpacks are made of. 

The Jajamän Backpack

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If we could sum up Jajamän in a couple of lines it would go something like this:


Actually, it would go exactly like that!

Jajamän cork backpacks are stylish and timeless. A Nordic design made in Portugal for the quiet revolutionaries who want to change things and go about their daily lives with style and ethics.